Peter Pablo – Freak-A-Leak

If your name is mentioned in this song — you might just be a Freak-A-Leak.


You got: Deep Thinker

You’ll live long, but be careful not to bend to the will of others. You’ll make dear friends that will stick by your side forever. You’ll have many short but passionate love affairs. You can be emotional and tend to overanalyze your feelings. You’ll be prone to mental health issues, so take care of yourself.

My hair seems to be the current issue with this phase of my life.

You see, I decided to buzz my hair off; since that time, I have not cut or colour my hair. I have been careless about making an attempt to look half way decent for some time because I found it hard to see why I need to impress other people. Then I have reminisced to a conversation with Joshua, the veteran scholarly student;” I dress for the type of future I want.”

I have looked back to the scandalous outfits that I have carelessly decided to display. That’s not the best type of representation, now is it?

It has been peaceful lately.

I have been active with a late challenge and slacking in a recent challenge. 

So my drawing skills and time played in chess is an active goal for the year. 

I find these two things relaxing and challenging. I sure wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to learn, advance in skill and knowledgeable.