I want to go home

Lungren told me that it’d be a good idea to get a consular – someone I can talk to.
After that visit, I knew that I would not pursue any of my personal time in it because I get in these moods where I confine my thoughts – typically I am not the type of lassy to share my thoughts. Let me reflect momentarily, I would say it is due to my blunt remarks or lack of empathy for some scenarios, which would eventually boil up to a disastrous argument.

Among my expressions of self destruction

history repeats itself with another self manifested reconstruction, 

Here, again.. we are connected by the similar feeling of innocent lovers past

I choke back my tears and fluster over my heaping breaths to search 

for a clue, or a new beginning of words to create a chance of creation.

Forgive and forget, but nevertheless, do not distant the feeling of

youthful sensations from a withering lovers quarrel;

This is similar in many ways, the story might portray the same state

sanity or insanity – you create the relationship to a realistic fantasy.

 Confessions with the priest is not as revealing compared to your presence of relief ,

I begin to understand why each touch tends to feel heartbreaking

the connection attracts every memory we practice erasing, setting us free.

In-hailing your scent in silence, ex-hailing tears of temporary comfort

I want to go home but you finally moved on.





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