How to boost your confidence

  • Wear fitting clothes. It will make you more elegant and people will notice, boosting your confidence.
  • Stand straight. It takes “practice” but eventually you will get used to it.
  • Try something you are scared of. For sure you met some obstacles in your life where you knew you can’t do it, but after passing said obstacle you were wondering why were you so scared of it before.
  • Observe people who already accomplished something and try to mirror their body language. Learn about body language here.
  • Learn something new. After learning a new skill or language you will feel like you accomplished something great, boosting your confidence.
  • General advice, but get in shape. Go to the gym and try losing weight if you have to. Also try to eat healthy.
  • Speak slower and in general do things slower. You will notice you will have time to think through your next step, making you look more organized and confident.
  • Don’t lose hope if you fail at first, just simply try again.

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