10 intellectually stimulating websites

  • If Everyone Knew – Some short trivia about interesting and not so well known topics.
  • Unplug the TV – Instead of watching TV watch these awesome and educating videos.
  • Academic Earth – Search for online video courses from multiple well known colleges.
  • Codecademy – Free interactive courses in programming languages and different technologies.
  • Mental Floss – Mostly some awesome lists with facts, but they have a really well made YouTube channel worth subscribing.
  • TED – Most famous one of these sites, but worth checking it every day. Presentations from famous or experienced people.
  • LessWrong – Learn critical thinking from dozens of awesome articles on LessWrong.
  • OpenCulture – Hundreds of cultural and scientific courses for free!
  • Duolingo – 50+ languages you can learn for completely free! The site teaches you a new language from the basics in an interactive and fun way.
  • Coursera – One of the biggest database for free courses about dozens of different topics, presented by experts in the field.

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