Picture of the past:

I won’t stress it.
I tried to go to sleep but I was making myself upset with some unsaid words.

I understand my past was dung in a puddle of piss

I realize I said hurtful things and spoke to different people
I understand how much of a s**t bag of a human being I was in the past and with this being said. I promise to not push anyone anymore.
I will make a solid truce to myself because I am good enough. I am unkind at times, insensitive, and something selfish and suck at communicating when I am upset & it is completely okay with me that some people do not approve of me. I would not want to be with someone like myself either because ‘i am not s**t’ so why put up with my s**t? All I can say is that I am making a difference and even though it can not change the past — the past has changed me.
I can not pretend to be the tiny waist, blonde, blessed with real breast of a barbie for any socially set standard, however, my perspective on women & men today is moving, in some way, which affects me; I am completely accepting with the person I am today and who I will be in the near future. I have accepted my flaws, faults, and failures — and accepting myself is a better feeling than wanting someone else to accept me, today.
With this being said,
I won’t intrude, pursue, or influence — manipulate others in anyway because it is not who I am. With all of the love I can offer, I will save it for the day cupid resurrects with a flaming bow and arrow to ignite my passion for a person with a similar soul coinciding with my own.
I am okay with being me.

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