2017| Focus Career

As I reflected on the past years, I regained the painful memory of endless assessment tests in hope of find a suitable career path for an individual such as myself. With the reattempts of testing – I hoped to finally get the result of my purpose in life which will guide me towards my career path. To compare and contrast the last assessment, I will post my individual results describing the type of person I am – then find my purpose (hopefully.)

To begin with my current college’s assessment test:

1. Work Interest: Holland Code is: EIC

Enterprising: “The Persuaders” — (score: 66.667) People in the enterprising category often prefer activities selling and promoting. They enjoy influencing others and being in a leadership position. They often use their skills to influence others. They often like competitive activities and are often self-confident, talkative and energetic. They generally enjoy discussing politics, selling and promoting, having power and status, giving talks and speeches, and leading groups.
Investigative: “The Thinkers” — (Score: 54.167) People in the investigative category often have a strong desire to understand cause and effect, and solve puzzles and problems. They often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. Their work often involves the analysis of data, using formulas, graphs and numbers. Investigative types typically prefer to work independently, and with minimum supervision. People in this category generally enjoy using computers, solving math problems, interpreting formulas, and thinking abstractly.
Conventional: “The Organizers” — (Score: 50) People in the conventional category often prefer orderly, systematic work. Work tasks often include keeping records, and organizing written and numerical materials according to a plan. They like to see things run efficiently and smoothly, which means they will pay attention to administrative details. They generally enjoy keeping accurate records, organizing, working with numbers, and using a computer.
Self Assessment (Your score: 3.83) — Self Assessment is the first and most important step in career planning and is used to identify occupations and major study areas compatible with your personal attributes. Your high self assessment score indicates that you are very involved in examining your interests, values, personality, and skills. It is important that you stay actively involved in self assessment because finding a satisfying career path begins with knowing yourself.
Career Exploration (Your score: 2.50) — Career Exploration is important because learning about types of jobs, educational requirements, and job functions will help you to identify occupations that appeal to you. Your medium score indicates that you are moderately involved in career exploration. It is important that you continue or increase your involvement in career exploration because it will help you narrow down your options and map out your career goals. Exploration should be ongoing because new career paths are constantly unfolding, traditional ones are changing and shifts may be taking place in skills and educational requirements.
Career Planning Satisfaction (Your score: 2.83) — Career Planning Satisfaction measures the extent to which you are satisfied with the results of your career planning activities and your ability to resolve problems that can interfere with your decision making. Your medium score suggests you may be experiencing some problems with your career planning. If you think you are not able to resolve problems of concern on your own, you should discuss them with a career counselor.

2. Your Personality Type: Caring, Flexible, Harmonious, Adaptable, Loyal

  • You are caring and understanding of the needs of other people.
  • You enjoy working with people who share your values and prefer to work on projects that make a contribution to the well being of other people.
  • Your personal values play an important role in your decisions and you want to get a real sense of purpose from your work.
  • You are action oriented and try to help other people in a practical way.
  • Your approach to work is to be flexible and to keep your options open.
  • You find it easy to adapt to changing situations.
Choosing Your Career:
People with your personality type are attracted to occupations where you can work directly with people in ways that help contribute to their well being. Examples of such occupations can be found in fields such as health care, community services, counseling, teaching, and some areas of business.

3. Leisure Interest : ICR

Inquiring: “The Thinkers” – (Score: 45.833) People with this orientation like to be involved in activities that have to do with ideas and thinking; these are people who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, or solve problems. They like to search for facts and figure out problems mentally. They prefer working with ideas rather than with people or things. They are often described as being analytical, curious, methodical, rational, cautious, independent, precise, reserved, complex, intellectual, and modest.

Correct: “The Organizers” – (Score: 41.667) People with this orientation generally like to be involved in activities that follow set procedures and routines. They like to work with data and details, have clerical or numerical ability, and carry out tasks in great detail. They are often described as being conforming, practical, careful, obedient, thrifty, efficient, orderly, conscientious, and persistent.

Reality: “The Doers” – (Score: 16.667) People with this orientation generally prefer hands-on activities, and tend to focus on things in the physical world. They typically enjoy working with tools or machines, and often gravitate to toward careers that can be performed outdoors. They are often described as being frank, genuine, humble, practical, natural, and persistent.
 4. Values Assessment: Altruism/Helping Society|Income|Stability
5. Skills Assessment: Manuel Dexterity| Problem Solving | Speaking
Finally, combing the results.
Leisure Time + Values = 2 results
 1. Computer Information Scientist – with a 11% job growth
 2. Computer System Analyst – with a 21% job growth
Leisure Time + Personality = 3 results
 1. Forensic Science Technicians – with a 27% job growth
Skills + Values = 27 results
  1. Clinical Psychologist – 19% job growth
  2. Computer and Information Systems Manager – 15% job growth
 *3. Statistician – 34% job growth
Skills + Personality = 68 results
 *1. Biomedical Engineer – 23% growth *
 2. Pathologist – 21*
With all of my time invested in this assessment,
I like the the outlook and job description: Statistician & Biomedical Engineer.
Would those choices be a match for my results from the Myers Briggs personality test?

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